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Skerries for the NEW Anglers

NEW FOR 2016 As the Skerries Banks are now fishing extremely well we want to encourage new anglers, we are therefore offering these trips at £350 for 8 hours, bait and rod hire are available at an extra cost

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Bay Surveyor

For those fisherman who want a shorter trip with the boat for themselves, why not book a trip on 'Bay Surveyor' we can offer any length of trip.

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May 2015

Fishing is currently good when the weather allows us to et out of the harbour.
Recent good landings of Cod and Pollack, best fish coming to Black Minnow 'Crazy Eels' what a great lure this is proving to be.
Getting some great reports that Plaice are in abundance on the Skerries banks its only time before we have reports of some Turbot landings.
I heard that our local tackle shop owner Graham, also caught a few small Cod from the banks.

Don't delay get on the phone or email to make a booking with us..
tight line Dave.

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Whats being caught

Hi All
Update to let you know that Kellys Hero has been to sea this weekend after a long layoff due to a refit and weather conditions.

Wreck fishing is still proving hard going, its either the water temperature or the water quality but one thing is for sure, there are not many fish being landed by the rod and line fisherman using lures !!!!
However the netters are getting good landings of fish when they can get out of the harbour.

April can only get better !!!!
tight lines Dave

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Bay Surveyor

Hi All
I have been neglecting my web pages and thought it time for an bit of info.

We have now launched our new (additional)vessel 'Bay Surveyor' she is 21' powered via a Honda 150HP 4 stroke, to be used primarily as an issue specimen hunting vessel for the fisherman who want to have a day guided fishing or for those who just want to go and try an evening or morning session to catch a BASS which appears to be most fisherman’s dream fish to land and eat.
‘Bay Surveyor’ is licensed for 6 person i.e. 2 crew and a max of 4 anglers, but if you want to hire the boat just for yourself that is also possible.
Our rates for this boat are £45 per hour for fishing etc
For shallow water survey work, guard duties and Film work please call to discuss.

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What's Happening

What’s Happening

This year 2012, has been a difficult year for everyone not only are the number of days at sea down due to the wind directions, but the general flow of enquiries have also slowed. I can’t remember the last time I have had so many Sundays available for charters.
I have put it down to Dads and Mums spending more quality time home at the weekend with the kids and without stating the obvious saving money!

Shorter days.

Now we are fast approaching Mid Summers day the daylight hours will be less, so for those of you who hate the dark morning and nights (as I do) why not go for some shorter (hours) fishing trips.
Many people who visit Brixham manage to get themselves onto one of the mackerel boats for their first taste of fishing. Here at ‘Kellys Hero Charters’ we like to help those guys to take the next steps into fishing.

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Whats been caught

New Shallow Water Survey Vessel

Dec for fishing

We have now built a 21' Shallow draft Aluminium boat specially designed for survey work within estuaries and rivers, having secured several contracts in the Bristol Channel for 2013 we hope that we can build on this work, with every client commenting on how stable and versatile this little craft is.
MCA coded to CAT 4 workboat code.
Available for anywhere in the UK as she is trailarable, with the Land Rover.

‘Bay Surveyor’

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Species Fishing

On the 1st August we had a crew from Brandon Hire. Species hunting was the format for the day and we managed to land 10 species from the local reefs and banks along the coast from Berry Head to the Mew Stone at Dartmouth. No monsters landed but 3 species of Wrasse was good, two good sized Bull Huss were also worth mention for the day. Pout Whiting as per the norm were plentiful. Looking forward to seeing the lads later in the summer. Dave.

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Bridgwater Bay Survey Work

Still lots of interest in the mud flat areas around Hinkley Point. !
I recently joined forces with my old mate Steve Yeandle who runs ‘Scooby Doo Too’ out of Watchet on a mega long survey (21hrs) around the Bridgwater mud flats, surveying the muddy flats for any forms of life and as expected not a lot of life was found in our 18 survey sites in and around Brendon Sellicks netted areas, much to our surprise was the amount of juvenile Lemon Sole that we found, this must be a nursery area?
The two University based technicians were extremely knowledgeable and gave us a great deal of information on the worms that form the coral type reefs in and around the bay.
Hopefully we will revisiting the area very soon to carry out some more survey work.

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