Move to Brixham

We now have both boats in Brixham.!
On the weekend of the 27th February 2009 we lifted out 'Kelly's Hero' at the Dunball Wharf, Bridgwater, we contracted a lift with Hewden Cranes with suitable transport to Torquay by Norman R Keedwell using a low loader.
Help was on hand at Dunball in the form of some very good friends namely Mike Rawles, Chris Dunn, Peter Wright, David Chandler, Steve Cox and not forgetting my forever-supporting wife Mary.

The lift went extremely smoothly without any shouting or arguing (pays dividends to use professionals).

Over the weekend with ‘Kelly’s Hero’ safely on the trailer Chris Dunn and myself set about scrubbing off the old anti-fouling and applying a new coat of ‘Jotun Guardian 30’ what a pleasurable paint to apply. My thanks to Zoe Strode of Jotun for advising me on the correct paints to use.

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Bridgwater Bay Survey Work

I have just complete some very long and tiring days 17th & 18th March (32Hrs), carrying out some essential Survey work for the Sedgemoor Councils, Harbour Master.

Working onboard a fellow Skippers (Steve Yeandle’s) boat ‘Scooby Doo Too’.

Steve and I took it in turns at the helm of his boat to complete the 100 plus miles of essential bottom surveys of the North and South Channels of the Gore Sands.

Steve who was successful in securing this work in our area, had called upon me to help him because of my 25+ years local knowledge of the Bridgwater Bay.

 This essential survey work was given to David Hitchcock PhD FGS MRICS Operations Director of Coastline Surveys Ltd who carries out this type of service/work throughout Europe.
 David passed comment to say that this type of work is essential to keep abreast of what is happening with constant shifting sands of the Bristol Channel.

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'Kelly's Hero Charters' have now subscribed to the ever popular web site of this site is always worth a look for local news and holiday accommodation etc

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Best fish of the day!

Cod January 2008

Sunday 6th January

A 9 hour fishing trip with the lads from Weston-Super-Mare. Fishing was extremly slow all day until the last 1/2 hour when Terry Giles had his rod tip burst into action and land a 12 Lb 8 oz Cod, it was the best fish of the day and is currently the best Cod of 2008 onboard Kelly's Hero.
The local boat club also had a Comp on Sunday, with the best three places being taken by Thornbacks the best being a 16 Ibs 12 oz specimen caught by Mark Draper.

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Where have the fish gone

A story not told by many charter skippers!!!

In recent weeks we have not only lost out to the poor weather but also a real noticeable decline in fish to catch.
This subject has been raised on all the recent trips. We have waited patiently for the Cod and Whiting to arrive and are still waiting!!

People were saying the waters are too warm, then too much fresh and now all are beginig to ask what else is left for an excuse?

My feeling on the matter are that the waters of the Bristol Channel are now too clean for the scavenging fish that once frequented our waters.
Years ago there was a flourishing Herring fishery, where did they go?

We now here of tropical species visiting our waters, why is this?

Not enough sewage in the water?
Many including myself have come to the conclusion that the waters are now too clean for the scavenging fish !
What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Survey work continues

Fowey getting valued data

Our survey work throughout the West Country for RED-M continues. We have notched up over 2600 miles over the past 8 weeks and visited many ports throughout the region, giving us much experience and the true potential of the RIB. These boats are having phenomenal sea keeping abilities.

Over the coming months we will be visiting local Holiday Camps and Caravan Parks promoting the forth coming RIB rides for Burnham-ON-Sea.

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Survey Work for Red-M

During the month of October we will be carrying out survey work for the wireless Communications Company Red-M. This is ideal work for the Rib as it is easily towed by our Land Rover Defender to sites all around the UK ready for immediate starts.

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What a Great Day!


We've been having some great days out on the Rib lately! It's been perfect conditions.

Stay tuned for more Blog Posts.

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Exciting New Website

This is Dave's Blog! Where I will post all sorts of good stories about trips we've done.

Just to keep you all informed on what's going on!

Can't wait to see you all.

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